Port Hope telephone directory

Arnold Craick wrote in Little Tales of Port Hope

What is believed to have been the first telephone to come into operation in Port Hope was the one connecting the Queen's Hotel with the Grand Trunk Railway station. The telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, was then quite a novelty, but, as the Guide remarked on 08 March 1880, it had been brought to a fairly satisfactory working order and several Port Hopers were talking of supplying themselves with 'this most modern convenience'.

Mr. Craick reported that among the early acquirers was J.B. Trayes, owner of the Times, who had a line strung from his office to his house. Shortly after the line was completed, the 46th Battalion Band went into the Times office and played a couple of tunes. These were heard distinctly at the Trayes' residence.

The result of this experiment led to an interesting proposal. A line was to be run between the Drill Shed and the Town Hall. The Band could put on a concert in the Drill Shed, to be listened to by a seated audience in the Town Hall. "In this way," said Mr. Craick, "the citizens would have an opportunity to realize the wonderful utility of the telephone." There is no record of this scheme ever being carried out.

These early telephones were installed by a representative of the Holt Telephone Company of Toronto and were independent lines.

The Bell Telephone Company entered Port Hope in March 1882 and established an exchange in the office of Thomas Long, who had taken an active interest in the sale of Bell stock. As reported in the Guide on 14 March 1882, there were at the outset six instruments in good working order. But by 1883, just six years after the telephone's invention, there were 53 in operation in Port Hope.

Number Name Description Location (Street)
59Aldrich, Dr. A.G.PhysicianWalton
83Andros, E.B.ResidenceKing
15Bank of TorontoE.B. Andros, Mgr.Walton & Queen
29Barker, J.A.Meat MarketQueen
76Barrett, H. Co., Ltd.MillersBarrett
85Barrett, H.ResidenceBarrett
97Beggs, T.A.ButcherRidout
150Bell Telephone Co.Local Mgr.'s OfficeQueen
43Bennett HouseL.G. Bennett, prop.Ontario
95Benson, T.M. (Judge)ResidenceDorset
5Braund, WilliamHardwareWalton
34British HotelIsaac Gillespie, prop.Queen
64Brown & HenningCoal & WoodMill
48Brown, F.H.GrocerWalton
47Brundrett, Jos. & SonTinsmiths & StovesJohn
46Chisholm, D.H.BarristerWalton
7Clark, W.T.Coal & WoodWharf
41Clarke, M.L. (Mrs.)ResidenceDorset
61Clemesha, Dr. J.W.OfficeWalton
52Corbett, Dr. R.A.OfficeJohn
32Costello, W.J.ResidenceWalton
62Craig, Wm. & SonTannersCavan
(Obscured by paper punch hole)Curran, Jno.BakeryJohn
(Obscured by punch paper hole)Curtis, JohnGrocerWalton
92Deyell, RobertDruggistWalton & Ontario
58Dickinson, Dr. Geo. A.PhysicianWalton
26Dickinson, S.S.Vet. SurgeonOntario
28Dunfee, JamesGrocerWalton
39Dunn, R. & Co.Plumbers & GasfittersWalton
80Edgar, E. (Mrs.)ResidencePine
93Furby, Geo. M.ResidenceBramley
6Galbraith, F.W.Lumber DealerQueen
44George, AlfredFurniture & UndertakerWalton
2Glidden, W.L.GrocerRidout
18Globe File Mfg. Co.OfficeCavan
72G.N.W. Telegraph & Can. ExpressJ. Harcourt, Agt.Walton
49Gould, N.B.ResidenceKing
96Grand Trunk Ry.Station
79Gray, R.Waterworks & Gas OfficeWalton
51Guide Printing OfficeG. Watson & Son, props.Walton
56Hagerman, C.LiveryQueen
63Harbour OfficeWharf
4Helm, J.H.FounderQueen
42Hemmick, R.J.Res. "Idalia"Dorset
14Hewson, Dr. T.B.ResidenceWalton
53Holmes, T. Geo.Hides, Skins & WoolJohn
100Honor, J.F.GrocerWard
69Hopper, S.T.DruggistWalton
16Hotel St. LawrenceW. Whittleton & Son, props.Walton
50Howden, R.OfficePost Office bldg.
35Hume, JohnElevatorJohn
19Hume, JohnGrainJohn
45Hunter, JamesWine Mcht.Walton
75Hutchings, Chas.Butcher & Fish DealerJohn
30King, H.H.ResidencePenryn Park
89bKinsman, W.H.MillerCanton
11Long, ThomasIns. & Ticket agt.Queen
86Long, ThomasResidenceKing
88Midland Loan & Sav. Co.G.M. Furby, mgr.Walton
71Millward, M.Stoves & TinsmithJohn
36Mulholland, R.A.HardwareWalton
70Oke, Fred T.Fruit & ConfectionerWalton
22Philp & GreenawayWhol. Fruit & Produce Mchts.John
67 (long distance equipment)Port Hope Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd.Cavan
23Port Hope Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd.John Brown, res.Ontario
17Port Hope Preserv'g & Cann'g Co., Ltd.Wm. M. Miller, mgr.Queen
87Port Hope Steam LaundryJ.C. Honey, prop.Walton
25Powers, Dr. L.B.OfficeWalton
21Queen's HotelA.A. Adams, prop.Walton & John
90Quinlan, J.W.OfficeWalton
37Robertson, PeterGrocerWalton & Queen
20Royal HotelChas. Nixon, prop.Foot of Walton
9Russell, W.A.
13Sculthorp, HyMachine ShopCavan
10Smith Bros.Cab OfficeJohn
40Smith, Geo. A.Coal ShedThe wharf
57Smith, JosephRes. "Bluestone"King
8Smith, S.S.BarristerMidland Loan bldg.
12aSpooner, A.W.Whol. Oils & "Copperine"John
12bSpooner, A.W.ResidenceJohn
98Stacey, GeorgeButcher & GrocerWalton
84Times Printing Co.W. Swaisland & Sons, props.Walton
94Town HallClerk's Office
68Traders BankJ.L. Willis, mgr.Walton
66Trinity College SchoolWard
1Walker, JohnResidenceOntario
77Ward, H.A.BarristerWalton
38Ward, H.A.ResidenceKing
31Waterworks Pumping StationSmith
78Watson, T. GeorgeDruggist & C.P.R. TelegraphWalton
54White, J.B.Vet. SurgeonJohn
65Williams, H.B. (Estate)H. White, agentWalton
99Wright & RosevearWood & CoalOntario

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