Port Hope telephone directory

This directory was sent to us by David Kemlo who writes,

Some time ago, while researching another name, I found on file at this particular library a microfilm on early Bell Telephone books. Just for the fun of it, I transcribed those pertaining to Port Hope. The pages for Port Hope (pages 75-76) did not have a date, but the record previous to Port Hope and those afterwards would suggest the listing was from 1898 to 1900. There were no numbers mentioned, suggesting you had to ask the operator to make the connection for you. Port Perry Agency was the next listing, starting at the bottom of page 76. I doubt if this book was something given to the local subscribers but perhaps was a phone book for use by operators or perhaps a master listing. Port Perry only had ten listings and then the next Agency was Preston with fourteen. I didn't bother with any additional pages. Feel free to use this information any way you wish.

Port Hope Agency
Central Office - Walton Street
Office open from 8 am to 9 pm weekdays, 9 to 4 Sundays, and 10 to 12 am and 2 to 4 pm on Holidays
Thomas LONG, Agent

Port Hope phone directory c1898

Ambrose and Winslow, Highland Springs Brewery, Cavan St.
Ambrose, T.H., Residence, Penryn Park
Bains, T.T., Barristers, Walton St.
Bank of Montreal, Walton St.
Bank of Toronto, Walton St.
Barrett, H., Merchant Miller, Barrett St.
Beamish, F.M., Merchant Miller, Cavan St.
Benson, Judge, Residence, Dorset St.
Bletcher, W.S., Commission Merchant, John St.
Brown & Co., Coal Wood and Coal Oil, Mill St.
Clemes & Son, Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Glassware, Walton and Ontario Sts.
Connell, P.J., Confectionery, Fruit and Fish, Walton St.
Corbett, Dr. R.A., Residence, John St.
Covert, H., Residence, John St.
Curtis, J., Grocer and Pork Packer, Walton St.
Deyell, R., Druggist, Walton St.
Dickenson, S.S., V.S., Ontario St.
Dyer, J.H., Woollen Mills, Garden Hill
Evans, J., Hardware, Walton St.
Furley, G.M., Residence, Bramley St.
Galletley, A.J.C., Residence Charles St.
Gaudrie, F. & W., Commercial Travellers, Residence, John St.
Glass, Geo., Groceries and Provisions, Walton St.
Glidden, W. L., Groceries and Provisions, Ridout St.
Grand Trunk Railway, Ticket Office
Grand Trunk Railway, Switch House
Great North-Western Telegraph Co., Walton St.
Grey, R., Grain and Flour Commission Merchant, Walton St.
Habour Master's Office, Harbour, Mill St.
Hume, John, John St.
Irwin and Philp, Lumber Merchants, Walton St.
King, J.G., Elevator, Produce and Com. Merchant, John St.
King, J.G., Residence, Hope St.
Kinsman, W. H., Merchant Miller, Canton St.
Long, Thos., Insurance and Ticket Agent, Walton St.
Long, Thos., Residence, King St.

The name of the party wanted should be spoken with especial distinctness to
prevent mistakes.

Port Hope phone directory c1898

Midland Banking Co., Walton St.
Midland Elevating and Forwarding Co., John St.
Midland Loan and Savings Co., Queen St.
Middlebrook, Jos., Residence, Ward St.
Mitchell, G.A., Druggist, Walton St.
Mulligan, R.G., Commission Merchant, Walton St.
Mulholland & Brown, Hardware, Walton St.
McIlroy, Jno., & Wm., Implement Agents, near Perry Town
Oke & Scott, Produce and Coal Oil, Walton St.
Peplow, E., Produce & Commission Merchant, Walton St.
Philp, Jos., Groceries and Provisions, Ridout St.
Port Hope Guide, Walton St.
Port Hope Times, Walton St.
Powers, Dr. L.B., Walton St.
Preston, W.T.R., Residence, Ridout St.
Queens Hotel, Walton St.
Read, H., Residence, Hope St.
Salter, G.B., Merchant Miller and Commission Merchant, Queen St.
Smith Bros., Cabmen, John St.
Smith, J.S., Jeweller, Walton St.
Spooner, A.W., Lumber Shipping Agent and Oil Dealer, John St.
St. Lawrence Hall, Walton St.
Trayes, J.B., Residence. Pine St.
Trinity College School, Ward St.
Thompson, T. A., Butcher, Queen St.
Vinden, E.S., Com. and Shipping Agent, Walton St.
Wadsworth, W.R., Residence, Walton St.
Ward, H.A., M.P., Barrister, Walton St.
Ward, H.A., M.P., Residence, King St.
Watson, T.G., Druggist, Walton St.
Wilson, George, Residence, Walton St.
Wright, John, Barrister, Walton St.
Wright Bros., Coal; Dealers, Mill St.
Wright, John, Residence, Charles St.

Never Leave Your Telephone off the Hook.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario