Port Hope and Hope Township births

SurnameName or ParentsBirth datePlaceNewspaperIssuePage/
AdamsGeorge H.15 Apr 1862Port HopeEvening Guide 21 Jul 192604/04Biography. GTR, CN conductor.
AdamsS/o John15 Feb 1854Port HopeGuide18 Feb 185403/01
AdamsS/o Sidney(d)25 Mar 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide02 Apr 189708/03
AitkenS/o and d/o SM, Merchant24 Jun 1859Port HopeWeekly Guide02 Jul 185905/01
AllenMrs. TW19 Nov 1824Evening Guide22 Nov 191002/05Celebrating 86th birthday
AndersonD/o J.26 Mar 1854Port HopeGuide01 Apr 185403/01
AndersonS/o James A. Montgomery04 Feb 1857Port HopeWeekly Guide07 Feb 185703/03
AndrewsJane (nee Moffatt)18 Jan 1854Newry, Co. Down, Ire.Evening Guide 03 Jun 192704/04Obit. To PH 1874, married Robert May 1874.
AndrusS/o Guy, Science Master PHHS12 Mar 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide19 Mar 188604/06
AngusS/o Robert30 Jan 1878Port HopeGuide07 Feb 187802/06
ArmstrongFJ21 Sep 1828Evening Guide 29 Sep 191004/02Celebrating 82nd birthday
AshfordD/o Volney V.05 Dec 1882TorontoGuide01 Dec 188202/06
AshfordTwin d/o James19 Jan 1855Guide20 Jan 185503/03
AtkinsonS/o John08 Jan 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News11 Jan 188406/05
BaileyS/o Joseph24 May 1877Port HopeGuide31 May 187702/04Superintendent of Bridges on the Midland Railway
BaileyD/o Joseph18 Mar 1879Port HopeGuide03 Apr 187902/06
BainesD/o TT27 Apr 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide06 May 188704/04
BainesD/o TT14 May 1889Weekly Guide24 May 188904/05Died the next day.
Bakerson, to w/o Rev. E.N.05 May 1891Port HopePort Hope Guide08 May 189104/05
BallS/o AN25 Oct 1879Hope Twp.Guide31 Oct 187902/06Residence: Fairview Farm, Lakeshore Rd., Hope Twp.
BallaghS/o Thompson01 Nov 1873Guide08 Nov 187304/05
BarhamLydia13 Oct 1820London, EnglandEvening Guide 13 Oct 192001/06100th birthday. Em to Canada 1843, to Port Hope "shortly after". Unmarried. Also 14 Oct. 1/5.
BarkerD/o John A.06 Apr 1883Port HopeGuide13 Apr 188302/07
BarkwellD/o Rev. JH13 Sep 1881TorontoGuide23 Sep 188103/07
Barnesson to w/o Albert J.of Philadelphia27 Nov 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide05 Dec 189004/05at res. of H. M. Rose, Esq.
BarnettD/o EW05 Aug 1857Weekly Guide08 Aug 185703/02
BarrettD/o Harold03 Nov 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide06 Nov 188504/05
BeamishD/o WE27 Mar 1879Port HopeGuide03 Apr 187902/06
BeattyS/o Will26 May 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide08 Jun 188804/05
BeerS/o F. Herbert15 Feb 1880Charlottetown, PEIGuide27 Feb 188002/06
BeerTwin s/o Silas17 Jan 1871Hope Twp.Port Hope Guide20 Jan 187103/06Paper dated 1870 in error.
Bennett(Mrs.) Grace15 Jun 1820Evening Guide 16 Jun 191004/01Celebrating 90th birthday. Also 15 Jun 1912 4/2 (92nd birthday). Died 01 Jun 1913.
BennettS/o Samuel C.31 Oct 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide05 Nov 189704/06
BensonD/o TM, QC31 Dec 1880Terralta, Port HopeGuide07 Jan 188103/05
BensonD/o TM05 Jun 1875Terralta, Port HopeGuide12 Jun 187502/05
BevanJames17? Jan 1830Evening Guide 17 Jan 191804/0188th birthday.
BevanD/o JW (stillborn)06 Apr 1853Port HopeGuide09 Apr 185303/02
BevanD/o JW, Printer16 May 1854Port HopeGuide20 May 185402/08
BevanS/o James, Printer26 Jul 1856Port HopeGuide02 Aug 185603/04
BillingsleyS/o AA10 Jun 1883Port HopeGuide22 Jun 188302/07
BlackSamuel08 Aug 1833Ballymena, IrelandEvening Guide 14 Aug 192601/0693rd birthday at Warkworth residence. Disembarked at Port Hope when emigrating from Ireland 1846. Lengthy bio.
BletcherS/o WS30 May 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide08 Jun 188804/05
BletcherD/o WS16 Jul 1891Hope Twp.Weekly Guide24 Jul 189104/06
BletcherS/o WS13 Mar 1898Weekly Guide18 Mar 189804/05
BloisD/o Thomas A.18 Nov 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News23 Nov 188306/05
BoucherD/o HF04 Jun 1853Port HopeGuide11 Jun 185303/03
BoultonS/o JF, Barrister-at-Law14 Feb 1859Port HopeTri-Weekly Guide15 Feb 185903/03
BoundyS/o Richard20 Jan 1889Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Jan 188904/06
BradleyS/o JW29 Aug 1871Port Hope Guide01 Sep 187103/06
BrandEdna15 Jul 1885Hope Twp.Evening Guide 25 Jul 198517/1100th birthday at Hope Haven, Port Hope. D/o Malcolm & Serena Brand. Lengthy bio with photo. Also 18 Jul 1986 21/1 (101st birthday, with photo).
BrockD/o JA31 Mar 1875Port HopeGuide03 Apr 187502/05
BrockenshireS/o WE16 Oct 1899Rochester, NYWeekly Guide27 Oct 189904/05
BrockenshireJohnDec 1842Evening Guide 18 Dec 192501/03Passing mention of birthday in a 60th wedding article. Born two weeks before 18 Dec.
BrogdinS/o George11 Aug 1855Port HopeGuide11 Aug 185503/01
BrownD/o JA26 Jun 1873Port HopeGuide28 Jun 187302/05
BrownD/o JR, Photographer20 Oct 1878Port HopeGuide24 Oct 187803/06
BrownS/o Dr. Frederick J.05 Oct 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide14 Oct 189208/03
BrownS/o FH22 Apr 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide28 Apr 189305/02
BrownS/o WH16 Nov 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide21 Nov 189004/04
BrownS/o William G.03 Jun 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide07 Jun 189505/06
BuckleD/o GH12 Oct 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide21 Oct 189204/05
BuckleD/o GH25 Jul 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide01 Aug 189004/05
BudgeD/o E.30 Mar 1870Port HopePort Hope Guide01 Apr 187003/06
BudgeS/o E.10 Aug 1875Port HopeGuide14 Aug 187502/05
BurnhamS/o Stanley B.02 Mar 1877Port HopeGuide15 Mar 187702/05
BurnhamS/o H.26 Jan 1855Guide27 Jan 185503/01
BurnhamD/o HH06 Jul 1879Port HopeGuide17 Jul 187902/07
BurnhamD/o HH23 Feb 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide27 Feb 188504/06
BurnhamD/o Prof. SB17 May 1880Port HopeGuide21 May 188002/06
BurnhamS/o James G.02 Jul 1897Youdan Hall, TorontoWeekly Guide09 Jul 189704/05
BurnhamJames08 Apr 1890Evening Guide 07 Apr 191004/02Celebrating 21st birthday
BurnhamS/o SH11 Mar 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide13 Mar 188504/06
BurnsS/o John M.21 Feb 1861Port HopeWeekly Guide23 Feb 186107/01
ByersS/o RE09 Dec 1884BethanyWeekly Guide & News19 Dec 188405/02
CaldwellD/o Robert28 Oct 1882PerrytownGuide10 Nov 188202/05
CallenderS/o BF26 Apr 1875Port HopeGuide01 May 187502/03
CampbellD/o Thomas03 Apr 1894Hope Twp.Weekly Guide13 Apr 189404/06
CannD/o SS07 Aug 1872Guide21 Aug 187203/05
CanningS/o JR23 Feb 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide26 Feb 189204/04Residence: Sullivan St.
CarrD/o Stephen05 Aug 1892Cedar Lawn, Hope Twp.Weekly Guide12 Aug 189208/04
CawthorneD/o WB, Watchmaker19 Aug 1853Guide20 Aug 185302/07
ChoateNettie30 Oct 1843Port HopeEvening Guide 31 Oct 192304/04News item. 80th birthday.
ChisholmD/o D08 Aug 1873Port HopeGuide09 Aug 187302/05
ChisholmD/o D, Barrister26 Aug 1882Port HopeGuide01 Sep 188202/07
ChislettD/o William25 Jul 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide28 Jul 187103/06
ChoateS/o Aaron11 Oct 1859PerrytownWeekly Guide15 Oct 185903/05
ChoateNathan09 Mar 1805Hope TspPort Hope Guide13 Mar 189108/0286th birthday party
ChoateNettie30 Oct 1843Port HopeEvening Guide 31 Oct 192304/04News item. 80th birthday.
ClarkS/o JT02 Apr 1873Guide09 Apr 187302/06
ClarkD/o Frederick R.08 Feb 1889Weekly Guide15 Feb 188904/04
ClarkD/o JF21 Apr 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide25 Apr 189004/03
ClarkS/o JF21 Feb 1877Guide22 Feb 187702/06
ClarkeD/o Thomas, Civil Engineer11 Nov 1859PerrytownWeekly Guide19 Nov 185905/02
ClarkeHenry1865Port HopeEvening Guide 28 Dec 192501/05Included in article re: 50th wedding anniversary.
ClarkeRichard05 Dec 1821Evening Guide 07 Dec 191804/02Bn Buckfastleigh, Devon. 97th/99th birthday celebrations at Walton St. residence. Captain, went to sea at 17. H/o Susannah Fisher.
ClarkeS/o Capt. WT20 Dec 1898Port HopeWeekly Guide30 Dec 189804/02
ClarksonStillborn s/o Rev. JB11 Nov 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide19 Nov 188604/05At the Methodist Parsonage
ClarksonS/o Rev. JB09 May 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide11 May 188804/05
ClemesS/o MP05 Sep 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide16 Sep 188704/05Res: Barrett's Terrace
ClemesD/o MP, Merchant29 Jun 1882Port HopeGuide07 Jul 188202/08
ClemesD/o JP04 Mar 1880Port HopeGuide12 Mar 188002/07Residence: "Trelawney", King Street
ClemeshaD/o Dr. Clemesha28 Jun 1884Weekly Guide & News04 Jul 188405/04
ClewesS/o MP30 Apr 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide09 May 189004/04
CloustonS/o TF03 Nov 1871Port Hope Guide10 Nov 187103/06
CochraneD/o R19 Aug 1872Guide28 Aug 187203/04
ConnellS/o PJ13 Sep 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Sep 188504/04
ConnellD/o PJ08 Nov 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide11 Nov 188704/05
ConnellD/o PJ27 Nov 1889Port HopeWeekly Guide06 Dec 188904/04
CopelandJacob J.Mar 1832Port HopeEvening Guide 05 May 192701/04From his obituary. H/o Agnes Grote of Whitby.
CopelandS/o WA18 Apr 1878Port HopeGuide25 Apr 187802/06
CormackS/o D, Printer08 Apr 1855Guide14 Apr 185503/03
CosbyS/o AM, Manager Bank of Toronto08 Oct 1874Port HopeGuide17 Oct 187402/04Residence at Penryn Park
CosbyS/o AM, Manager Bank of Toronto08 Apr 1876Port HopeGuide19 Apr 187602/05
CoulterD/o WG07 May 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide15 May 189604/05
CoulterS/o WG16 Mar 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide24 Mar 189308/05
CraickJames12 Nov 1824Weekly Guide18 Nov 190404/0280th birthday.
CraickS/o James, Merchant19 Sep 1880Guide24 Sep 188003/06
CrossenS/o Thomas07 Aug 1870Port HopePort Hope Guide19 Aug 187003/06
DanielD/o Rev. S.01 Nov 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide08 Nov 189504/03
DanielS/o Rev. E.20 Apr 1898Port HopeWeekly Guide22 Apr 189804/05At St. John's Church.
DarlingGrace26 Nov 1815Evening Guide26 Nov 190904/03
DavidAlbert E.15 Mar 1884Weekly Guide29 Mar 190701/0423rd birthday party at St. Lawrence Hotel, Port Hope.
DavisonS/o J, High School31 May 1879Guelph, OntarioGuide15 Jun 187902/06Not confirmed if Port Hope resident
DaymanS/o L15 Oct 1874Guide31 Oct 187402/05
DeanS/o Wyman19 Sep 1880CantonGuide01 Oct 188002/06
DewarS/o JF, MD, LRCSE02 Jan 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide05 Jan 187103/06Paper dated 1870 in error.
DickinsonS/o Dr. GA19 Feb 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide21 Feb 189604/05
DoddsD/o WL10 Dec 1896TorontoWeekly Guide18 Dec 189604/06
DoeblerCharles26 Feb 1828Weekly Guide05 Mar 188608/0358th birthday celebration in Port Hope
DoneyD/o F16 May 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide18 May 189404/06
DunfeeS/o J, grocer16 Sep 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide21 Sep 188804/06Residence: Bloomsgrove Avenue.
DunfeeS/o J, grocer15 Feb 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide22 Feb 189505/06
DunnD/o R, Tinsmith01 Oct 1876Guide05 Oct 187602/04
DyerD/o EV28 Apr 1879Garden HillGuide01 May 187903/08
DyerD/o JH06 Jan 1886Garden HillWeekly Guide29 Jan 188604/05
EakinsS/o James03 Jun 1888Weekly Guide15 Jun 188804/05
EakinsS/o James14 Jan 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide22 Jan 188604/05
EakinsS/o James10 Sep 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News21 Sep 188306/05
EdmundsS/o George & Letitia14 Nov 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide19 Nov 189704/05
ElliottD/o RR of Napanee, Ont.22 Mar 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide27 Mar 188504/05
ElliottD/o Henry18 May 1876Osaca, OntarioGuide01 Jun 187602/05
ElliottThomas27 Oct 1838Port HopeEvening Guide 13 Oct 192702/05Obit. 2nd s/o Thomas & Mary (Oke).
EllsworthTwin d/o Edith (nee Wallace)05 Nov 1892Russelville, Ark.Weekly Guide18 Nov 189205/03Formerly of Port Hope. W/o Oren Ellsworth. Also 25 Nov. 8/3.
EllsworthD/o OM01 Jul 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide 05 Jul 189505/04Of McAllister, Indian Territory, USA.
EvansS/o James07 Dec 1880Port HopeGuide10 Dec 188002/06Residence: Bloomsgrove Avenue
FaheyD/o James, Editor of Guide17 Feb 1870DundasPort Hope Guide17 Feb 187003/07
FairbairnD/o HV10 May 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide14 May 188604/05
FairbairnD/o HV17 Dec 1896SarniaWeekly Guide01 Jan 189704/01
FogartyS/o EH of the "Times"29 Oct 1875Port HopeGuide13 Nov 187502/05
FordJames H.22 May 1814Weekly Guide26 May 189908/03Celebrating his 85th birthday.
FosterD/o RG07 Aug 1881Port HopeGuide26 Aug 188102/06
FoxCharles G.21 Jul 1835WelcomeEvening Guide 24 Aug 192601/0591st birthday at Consecon, PEC. 2nd youngest s/o late Walton Fox(Hope Twp. clerk for many years). Married Sarah Matthews(1851-1934) c1870 at Kingston.
FryD/o TJ, formerly of Port Hope21 Sep 1894Hartney, ManitobaWeekly Guide28 Sep 189404/06
FulfordS/o Harold31 Jul 1895Weekly Guide02 Aug 189504/05
FurbyD/o George M.03 Oct 1872Guide09 Oct 187203/06
FykeD/o GJ22 Jun 1873Port HopeGuide28 Jun 187302/05
GalbraithD/o R19 Oct 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide26 Oct 189405/06
GallagherS/o Hugh17 Jun 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Jun 188604/06
GarfatWilliam28 May 1848OshawaEvening Guide02 Sep 192701/05From his obituary. H/o Florence McDonald (d1919). Br/o Mrs. Male (Buffalo).
GarnettMrs.06 Sep 1830Evening Guide 19 Sep 191004/01Celebrating 80th birthday
GarnettMrs. William12 Aug 1856Sussex, Eng.Evening Guide 13 Aug 192601/0670th birthday at Julia St. residence. Came to Canada c1876 with brother, Thomas. In PH 'for a number of years'.
GarnettD/o William02 Jun 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide13 Jun 189004/05
GearnsSarah05 Apr 1848DaleEvening Guide14 Jun 192601/05Obit. Married Geo. W. Byam 1870. M/o 3.
GiddyD/o WH23 Dec 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News28 Dec 188306/05
GiffordJeanette01 Nov 1825Near Newcastle, Ont.Evening Guide 01 Nov 192601/06Lengthy article on 101st birthday. D/o Ezra Gifford UE. W/o Charles Powers & Truman Scott. M/o Mary Powers (Mrs. Daniel Ogden) & Gordon Powers.
GilchristCharles16 Oct 1826Weekly Guide23 Oct 189601/0670th birthday party held at 6 John St. residence, Port Hope
GillettD/o H12 Nov 1858Port HopeWeekly Guide20 Nov 185802/06
GillettS/o H29 Jan 1855Guide03 Feb 185503/03
GillotElizabeth (nee Edwards)17 Apr 1835Hope Twp.Evening Guide 25 Apr 192503/03News article: "Entertains at 90". D/o J. Edwards. Also 21 Apr 1927:1/4 (92nd birthday).
GilmourD/o Dr. JT24 Apr 1883PerrytownGuide04 May 188302/07
GimsonS/o John Foster11 Nov 1860Port HopeWeekly Guide17 Nov 186003/05
GlassS/o George10 Jul 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide15 Jul 188704/05
GlassD/o George17 Aug 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News24 Aug 188304/03
GlenW/o William05 Apr 1859Port BritainWeekly Guide09 Apr 185907/05
Goheenson, to w/o Wm. J.17 Dec 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide26 Dec 189004/04
GosnellD/o RE (of Chatham)29 Jul 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide19 Aug 188704/05
GothwaiteS/o JC of New York City03 Jan 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide11 Jan 189505/06
GouldS/o Frank E.15 Apr 1859Port HopeWeekly Guide23 Apr 185904/05
GouldS/o NB13 Dec 1893Penryn Park, Port HopeWeekly Guide22 Dec 189304/05
GrantD/o ER12 May 1872Guide15 May 187203/05
GrantD/o James28 Feb 1849Port HopeCommercial Advertiser03 Mar 184903/01
GrantS/o RC03 Mar 1872Hope Twp.Guide13 Mar 187203/04
GrantD/o Albert03 Mar 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide05 Mar 189704/05Born at "Ballintruan".
GrantS/o ER10 Dec 1873Hope Twp.Guide20 Dec 187303/04
GrantD/o Albert28 Sep 1899Port HopeWeekly Guide06 Oct 189910/03
GrayD/o Robert18 Sep 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide24 Sep 189704/05Res. on Bloomsgrove Ave.
GreenRev. AT15 Nov 1820Weekly Guide18 Nov 190404/0284th birthday.
Greenawaydau. to w/o Thomas, Jr.14 Apr 1891Dale Port Hope Guide01 May 189104/05
GuernseyS/o Capt. FW24 Dec 1871Port HopeGuide29 Dec 187102/05
HackettS/o Frederick08 Jan 1856Guide12 Jan 185603/01
HagermanS/o CA09 Nov 1885Weekly Guide13 Nov 188504/05
HagermanS/o CA09 Dec 1887Port HopeEvening Guide 16 Dec 188704/04
HagermanS/o CA21 Nov 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News30 Nov 188307/04
HagermanD/o CA09 Jul 1873Guide12 Jul 187303/07
HalesJane09 Oct 1839EnglandEvening Guide23 Nov 192704/03From Jane's obituary. Sis/o Harriet & Jack. Emigrated to PH 1872. W/o George Gibbs (d Apr 1911).
HallamS/o John01 Mar 1854Guide04 Mar 185403/01
HallowellS/o RW Hallowell23 Oct 1899StarkvilleWeekly Guide27 Oct 189904/05
HamiltonPremature s/o GB16 Nov 1897Hope Twp.Weekly Guide10 Dec 189704/05
HamiltonD/o GA13 May 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide20 May 189205/02
HamlyS/o JS22 Jul 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide25 Jul 189004/05
HamlyS/o Colin S. of the GTR17 Nov 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide20 Nov 189604/04
HamlyS/o ET04 Oct 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News10 Oct 188405/04
HamlyD/o JS15 Jan 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide20 Jan 189304/04
HarcourtS/o R18 Dec 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News26 Dec 188404/02
HarcourtJohn16 Apr 1825Newry, Co. Armagh, Ire.Evening Guide 17 Apr 192501/05From "20 years ago" column: death item with photo.
HarrisD/o Collingwood21 Nov 1889Port HopeWeekly Guide29 Nov 188904/04Res: Seymour St.
HarrisonD/o Thomas09 Nov 1875Hope Twp.Guide13 Nov 187502/05
HaskillCharlesOct 1829Hope Twp.Evening Guide 23 Sep 192601/03Lengthy biography with photo. Born Hope Twp.; to Fenelon Falls c1896.
HaskillElecta Newcombe (nee Johnson)01 Jan 1792Dorset, VermontWeekly Guide08 Jan 189201/04Emig. Mar 1803; W/o Timothy C. Sis/o Justin. M/o Harvey.
HawkenD/o Burt04 Apr 1893Weekly Guide14 Apr 189308/04
HawkenD/o B13 Oct 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide21 Oct 188704/05
HawkinsD/o Bert19 Dec 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide26 Dec 189004/04
HawkinsS/o Bert09 Feb 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide14 Feb 189605/05
HawkinsMrs. Azel (nee Farley)22 Mar 1798Connecticut, USWeekly Guide24 Mar 189308/05Emigrated 1808. M/o Mrs. N. Peters, Toronto Rd., Hope Twp.
HaydenD/o Thomas27 Jan 1873Guide29 Jan 187303/05
HeardCatherine Ann03 Dec 1832Evening Guide 03 Dec 192601/0594th birthday of Mrs. John Bassett, formerly of Dale, held at res. of daughter, Mrs. WJ McBride, Hill St., PH.
HelmS/o George H.05 Feb 1895Brooklyn, NYWeekly Guide15 Feb 189505/06
HelmS/o George02 Dec 1871Guide08 Dec 187103/06
HenryS/o Thomas09 Aug 1859Port HopeTri-Weekly Guide11 Aug 185903/01
HenwoodS/o James T.08 Jul 1873Guide12 Jul 187303/07
HewsonS/o Thomas15 May 1871Port Hope Guide19 May 187103/05
HillS/o Rev. Newton23 Mar 1878SunderlandGuide28 Mar 187802/08
HonorD/o JF16 Jun 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide26 Jun 188504/05
HooperJoseph24 Feb 1833Plymouth, EnglandEvening Guide 24 Feb 191701/0484th birthday. Em Canada 1851. Monument worker in PH for many years; then to Rochester.
HorseyWilliam M.09 Sep 1831Evening Guide 16 Sep 191004/01Celebrating 79th birthday
HunterD/o HM16 Jul 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide20 Jul 189404/06
HutchingsD/o C.18 Aug 1899Hope Twp.Weekly Guide25 Aug 189904/05
IrwinHenry13 Jul 1834Evening Guide13 Jul 192604/0392nd birthday celebration. "Still hale & hearty & spend his birthday working in the garden."
IrwinS/o CE21 Sep 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide29 Sep 189308/05Father connected with the Jamestown Underwear Co., NY.
IsaacS/o William(d)26 Aug 1899Port HopeWeekly Guide01 Sep 189904/05
JeffreyD/o Rev. TW21 Aug 1882Port HopeGuide25 Aug 188202/07
JonesS/o HH29 Jun 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide13 Jul 189404/06
KerrJames20 Dec 1826Enniskillen, IrelandEvening Guide 20 Dec 191804/0292nd birthday celebration. Born Co. Fermanagh. Emigrated Canada 1841.
KilpatrickD/o Robert21 Feb 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News29 Feb 188405/05
KirkD/o GB25 May 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News30 May 188408/03
KirkconnelD/o TA20 Sep 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide26 Sep 189004/04
KirkconnellS/o TA16 May 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide24 May 189505/06
KirkconnellS/o T20 Aug 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Aug 189304/03
LarkeS/o Daniel Larke10 Sep 1872Hope Twp.Guide25 Sep 187203/06
LentD/o DH02 Nov 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide04 Nov 189204/04English Master of the high School.
LeonardThomas19 Nov 1826Evening Guide 19 Nov 191004/02Celebrating 84th birthday
LittleDorothy Ann28 Oct 1895Port HopeEvening Guide 01 Nov 192701/0532nd birthday party for "Mrs. Vernon Huffman" at their Hope St. residence.
LittleS/o Thomas18 Jan 1886Garden HillWeekly Guide29 Jan 188604/05
LivingstoneD/o E18 Mar 1884WelcomeWeekly Guide & News04 Apr 188406/05
LloydD/o Rev. Arthur11 Sep 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide16 Sep 189204/04Mrs. Lloyd died suddenly 5 days later.
LockwoodS/o F18 Mar 1876Port HopeGuide22 Mar 187602/05
LodgeD/o JNG30 Nov 1880Guide10 Dec 188002/06
LodgeD/o James Nesbitt G.07 Oct 1883Weekly Guide & News12 Oct 188306/05
LyallS/o JH09 Jan 1878Hope Twp.Guide17 Jan 187802/06Residence: Glenburn Farm, Hope Twp.
MackieS/o William10 Apr 1879Port HopeGuide17 Apr 187902/06
MarshallD/o William27 Aug 1879Port HopeGuide05 Sep 187902/05
MartinD/o Edward10 Jun 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News13 Jun 188404/04
MartinS/o Edward24 Dec 1881Port HopeGuide30 Dec 188102/05
MartinS/o William21 Jan 1874Port HopeGuide26 Jan 187403/05
MartinS/o ThomasApr 1892DaleWeekly Guide22 Apr 189205/03
MartinS/o E25 Aug 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide27 Aug 188604/05
MaybeeD/o George E.21 Apr 1898Port HopeWeekly Guide29 Apr 189804/03
MaybeeJane Snider (nee Spencer)25 Jan 1829Evening Guide 26 Jan 192701/0698th birthday celebrated at her PH residence. D/o George & Deborah Spencer. R/o Eli Maybee.
MaybeeS/o George E.31 Jan 1895Weekly Guide08 Feb 189505/06
MaynardD/o Joseph24 Sep 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News28 Sep 188306/04
McCagueGeorge19 Sep 1872Emily Twp.Evening Guide25 Aug 192601/05Obit. S/o David McCague. Br/o Annie, Emma, Aggie, Mrs. JA Macdonald & Charles. To PH 1920.
McCarthyD/o HB05 Jan 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide10 Jan 189604/05
McClellandD/o M, MD09 Dec 1899PeterboroughWeekly Guide15 Dec 189905/02
McDiarmidD/o Rev. AP17 Nov 1880Port HopeGuide26 Nov 188003/07
McGeoughMichael H.1852Port HopeEvening Guide 02 Sep 192703/06Died 31 Aug 1927. Details from his obituary. Father of Joseph & Michael.
McGibbonD/o Thomas A.08 Sep 1879Port HopeGuide12 Sep 187902/07
McGibbonD/o Will T.16 Jun 189863 Brown St., Port HopeWeekly Guide24 Jun 189804/05
McKennyS/o James, Grocer19 Dec 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News26 Dec 188404/02Residence: Bloomsgrove Avenue
McKeownD/o William02 Jan 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide05 Jan 187103/06Paper dated 1870 in error.
McKeownTwin d/o Robert of Garden Hill 25 Nov 1872Guide04 Dec 187203/06
McLeanS/o James24 Sep 1898Port HopeWeekly Guide30 Sep 189807/01
McLeanS/o George07 Sep 1872Port HopeGuide11 Sep 187203/04
McLennanD/o DJ15 Sep 1878Guide19 Sep 187803/07
McLennanS/o DJ30 Apr 1884Weekly Guide & News02 May 188406/05
McLennanD/o DJ14 Apr 1880Port HopeGuide23 Apr 188002/08
McLennanD/o DJ16 Mar 1882Port HopeGuide24 Mar 188203/06
McLennanS/o DJ10 Jul 1877Port HopeGuide12 Jul 187702/05
McLeodD/o D29 Aug 1853Port HopeGuide03 Sep 185303/01
McMahonD/o John06 Jun 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide10 Jun 188704/04
McMullenD/o John12 Mar 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide21 Mar 189004/04
McNairnS/o JH, GTR agent (PH)17 Mar 1866Port HopePort Hope Guide23 Mar 186602/07
McNeillieJames R.19 Mar 1821Dumphrieshire, Scot.Weekly Guide23 Mar 190608/0185th birthday article. Res.: Walton St. Died 85th birthday. Obit 06 Apr 1906: 4/5.
McVityS/o GHG, Manager of Ontario Bank25 Jun 1879Port HopeGuide03 Jul 187902/06
MeadowsD/o David04 Oct 1883Port HopeWeekly Guide & News19 Oct 188306/05Engineer Canada Souther Railway
MearnsD/o George10 Feb 1861Port HopeWeekly Guide16 Feb 186107/01
MerryfieldD/o CA30 Jan 1873Guide05 Feb 187302/04
MetcalfeS/o TW31 Dec 1852Guide08 Jan 185303/02
MetcalfeD/o TW30 Aug 1848Port HopeCommercial Advertiser09 Sep 184803/01
MilliganMrs. D. (nee Honey)22 May 1816Weekly Guide05 Jun 189601/0380th party @ Canton res. Sis/o Chas.(86), Sam.(76), Jos. & Mrs. John Collacutt.
MillwardD/o M07 Mar 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide13 Mar 188504/06
MimmsS/o George07 Mar 1892TorontoWeekly Guide11 Mar 189205/02
MimmsD/o Reuben18 Sep 1880Port HopeGuide24 Sep 188003/06
MitchellS/o GA05 Jun 1873Guide11 Jun 187303/05
MitchellS/o WT25 Jul 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide27 Jul 188804/06At the Gardens, Port Hope.
MitchellD/o EM03 Mar 1880Port HopeGuide12 Mar 188002/07Ontario Gardens
MitchellD/o GA11 Jul 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News18 Jul 188405/05
MitchellD/o JR, Druggist20 Jul 1876Port HopeGuide27 Jul 187602/05
MitchellS/o GA01 Aug 1877Guide09 Aug 187702/05
MitchellS/o RM, Ontario Gardens21 May 1881Port HopeGuide27 May 188103/06
MitchellS/o WT25 May 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide29 May 188504/05
MitchellS/o EM, Ontario Gardens16 Mar 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide22 Mar 189505/06
MoffattJane18 Jan 1854Newry, Co. Down, Ire.Evening Guide 03 Jun 192704/04Obit. To PH May 1874; married Robert Andrews PH May 1874. M/o Mrs. JJ Andrews & Mrs. Harry Niles (both of Cobourg) & RJ (Oshawa).
MonaghanWilliam Orr09 Aug 1875Port HopeGuide14 Aug 187502/05S/o Thomas.
MontgomeryD/o JT24 Aug 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide29 Sep 187103/04
MontgomeryS/o James A.25 Nov 1875Guide05 Jan 187602/04
MorphetD/o EW Morphet26 Jun 1873Guide12 Jul 187303/07
MorrisonRobert Victor25 Sep 1895Port HopeEvening Guide 22 Jan 192604/03Obituary. S/o late Thomas & Elizabeth. Br/o Ethel, Clifford, Gilbert, Stanley & William.
MulhollandS/o RA11 Apr 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide13 Apr 188804/05
MulhollandD/o RA25 May 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide29 May 189605/05
MurrayD/o R, mail clerk15 May 1888Port HopeWeekly Guide18 May 188804/05
NealD/o EB28 Sep 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide05 Oct 189405/06
NealS/o EB04 Mar 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide11 Mar 189205/02
NealD/o EB25 Nov 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide 10 Dec 189704/05
NichollsS/o Thomas13 Mar 1890WesleyvillePort Hope Guide21 Mar 189004/04
NimmoD/o R16 Feb 1873Port HopeGuide05 Mar 187302/05
NorthcoteTwin s/o F12 Jan 1879WelcomeGuide23 Jan 187903/07
OgilvyD/o John19 Sep 1858MontrealWeekly Guide25 Sep 185802/07
O'NeillS/o R, Merchant27 Feb 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide03 Mar 187103/04
OutramS/o GA16 Sep 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide20 Sep 189504/02
OwenD/o John21 Dec 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide30 Dec 189204/04
OwenS/o John26 May 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News30 May 188408/03
OwenS/o John16 Dec 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Dec 188504/04
PainchaudS/o J. Eudore14 Sep 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide23 Sep 189204/04
ParsonsD/o WH05 Jan 1882Port HopeGuide13 Jan 188202/08
ParsonsS/o WH23 Jan 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News25 Jan 188406/05Residence: Mansard Cootage, Port Hope
ParsonsWilliam Henry31 Jan 1849Port HopeEvening Guide 10 Mar 192701/07Taken from Wm. Henry's obit. S/o William & Margaret (Trick).
PatersonS/o John23 Apr 1877Port HopeGuide26 Apr 187702/06
PatersonS/o John29 Oct 1874Port HopeGuide31 Oct 187402/05
PatersonD/o John18 Jun 1880Guide18 Jun 188002/06
PerkinS/o WR14 May 1876Port HopeGuide18 May 187602/06
PerksD/o Dr. Perks09 Oct 1852Port HopeGuide16 Oct 185203/02
PerksS/o George11 Aug 1888Weekly Guide17 Aug 188804/06
PerksD/o George S.28 Aug 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide03 Sep 188604/05
Perks, MDS/o George16 Oct 1857Port HopeWeekly Guide24 Oct 185703/01
PethickS/o WR20 Mar 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News28 Mar 188405/05
PethickD/o WR (of the British Hotel)24 Oct 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide29 Oct 188604/05
PeverettS/o John R.06 Dec 1878Port HopeGuide12 Dec 187802/05Res. No. 3 West End Terrace
PhilpS/o William12 Aug 1873Port HopeGuide16 Aug 187303/05
PhilpS/o Thomas H.27 Sep 1883MillbrookWeekly Guide & News05 Oct 188306/05
PickupMrs. R.Mar 1815Evening Guide 25 May 191102/03Celebrating 96th birthday
PillsworthDaniel25 Oct 1818Evening Guide 15 Nov 191001/04
PinkD/o Robert22 Nov 1879Port HopeGuide28 Nov 187902/05
PowersEA14 Jan 1832Evening Guide 14 Jan 191004/02Celebrating 78th birthday
PowersD/o Dr. LB17 May 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide22 May 188504/05
PowersS/o EA, Reeve of Hope Twp.21 Sep 1870Hope Twp.Port Hope Guide16 Sep 187003/05
PowersS/o Fordyce A.02 Feb 1891Hope TspPort Hope Guide06 Feb 189104/06
PowersD/o Fordyce05 Apr 1892Hope Twp.Weekly Guide08 Apr 189205/02
PowersS/o Fordice A.27 Oct 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide05 Nov 189704/06
PrestonS/o WTR11 Mar 1879Port HopeGuide13 Mar 187902/06
PringleD/o AW31 Mar 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide & News04 Apr 188406/05
QuanceS/o Rev. W.11 Feb 1876Port HopeGuide16 Feb 187602/06
RandallS/o P24 Jul 1855Guide28 Jul 185503/02
RandallD/o CF10 Dec 1878Port HopeGuide12 Dec 187802/05Res. Barrett's Terrace
ReadS/o RH10 Jul 1874Port HopeGuide11 Jul 187402/05
ReadD/o RH24 Oct 1876Guide26 Oct 187602/05
ReadD/o RH22 Sep 1870Port HopePort Hope Guide16 Sep 187003/05
ReadingS/o George29 Sep 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide06 Oct 189304/06
ReidS/o J. Lestock Reid, D.S.L.21 Dec 1887Port HopeEvening Guide 23 Dec 188704/05
ReidS/o John16 Jan 1848Commercial Advertiser22 Jan 184803/02
ReynoldsJames10 Jun 1851Evening Guide 10 Jun 191004/02Celebrating 59th birthday
RichardsD/o Judson S.12 Feb 1895ChicagoWeekly Guide15 Feb 189505/06
RobertsEllen (nee Stevens)17 May 1930Evening Guide 17 May 191804/02Celebrating 88th birthday on 17 May. Died 19 Oct 1922 (CemSearch records).
RobertsonS/o Peter10 Jan 1853Guide15 Jan 185303/01
RobertsonD/o Peter01 Mar 1854Guide04 Mar 185403/01
RogerS/o C19 Sep 1858Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Sep 185802/07
RoseS/o Hugh (stillborn)05 Apr 1873Guide09 Apr 187302/06
RosevearD/o John01 Jul 1860Hope Twp.Weekly Guide14 Jul 186007/02
RosevearD/o Herbert22 Apr 1898Hamilton Twp.Weekly Guide29 Apr 189804/03
RosevearMrs. J.02 Oct 1822Evening Guide 04 Oct 191004/02Celebrating 88th birthday
RossD/o BP22 Apr 1886Weekly Guide30 Apr 188604/05
RossS/o BP06 Apr 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide15 Apr 189205/02
RossS/o Lewis22 Apr 1870Port HopePort Hope Guide29 Apr 187003/06
RossS/o Lewis, MP20 Feb 1875Port HopeGuide27 Feb 187502/05Residence: Ross Mount House
RossS/o Lewis08 Apr 1872Rossmount HouseGuide10 Apr 187203/06
RossD/o Hugh, Merchant21 Jun 1878Port HopeGuide27 Jun 187802/06
RossS/o Hugh, Merchant07 Jan 1875Guide09 Jan 187502/05
RowlandD/o William10 Sep 1858Port HopeWeekly Guide18 Sep 185803/01
RundleS/o William, Jr.29 Aug 1875Port HopeGuide04 Sep 187502/05
RutledgeD/o JN17 Jun 1881Port HopeGuide24 Jun 188102/08
RutledgeD/o JN18 Apr 1886Port HopeWeekly Guide30 Apr 188604/05
RutterS/o William20 Oct 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Oct 189504/05
SackvilleS/o George T.06 Aug 1886BewdleyWeekly Guide20 Aug 188604/06
SainsburyD/o Albert11 Apr 1872Port HopeGuide17 Apr 187203/04
SandercockTwin s/o & d/o John07 Oct 1888Hope TspWeekly Guide26 Oct 188804/04
SandersTwo d/o HV22 Jul 1859Port HopeTri-Weekly Guide30 Jul 185903/02
SandersD/o HV09 Apr 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide14 Apr 187103/04
ScottD/o James16 Jul 1859Port HopeWeekly Guide23 Jul 185905/02
SculthorpS/o RE10 Mar 1872Guide27 Mar 187203/05
SeneyS/o Samuel23 Jan 1858Hope Twp.Weekly Guide06 Feb 185803/02
SexsmithD/o Thomas27 Oct 1881Hope Twp.Guide04 Nov 188102/06
SexsmithS/o Thomas L.28 Apr 1883Hope Twp.Guide11 May 188302/07
ShawTillie03 May 1896Weekly Guide10 May 190708/0111th birthday party. "A delicate tea followed by games and music."
ShepherdS/o E, Dry Goods Merchant18 Aug 1876Port HopeGuide24 Aug 187602/05
SherryLuke05 Sep 1872Port HopeEvening Guide 26 Jul 192601/06Obit. S/o Bryan. Br/o Mrs. Robt. Hagerman(Ptboro), W.M.(Connecticut) & Mrs. Thos. Hills, Mrs. Wm. Milne, Jennie, Maggie & Harry - all of PH.
ShorttD/o Rev. Jonathan16 Nov 1852Guide20 Nov 185203/01
ShorttS/o Rev. Jonatha19 Oct 1854Port HopeGuide21 Oct 185403/01
SingletonD/o T.08 May 1879Port HopeGuide15 May 187902/06
SingletonS/o Thomas09 Nov 1880Port HopeGuide12 Nov 188002/06
SingletonD/o J.26 Jan 1877Port HopeGuide01 Feb 187702/06
SkinnerD/o Lewis07 May 1865Port HopePort Hope Guide19 May 186502/06
SkitchD/o A05 Mar 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide11 Mar 188704/05
SkitchS/o Henry07 Mar 1872Port HopeGuide20 Mar 187203/05
SmartD/o JE, of the Midland Loan & Savings Co.07 Dec 1898Port HopeWeekly Guide09 Dec 189804/05
SmartS/o JE19 May 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide24 May 189505/06
SmithS/o James01 Mar 1849Commercial Advertiser03 Mar 184903/01
SmithS/o James, MPP05 Oct 1854Port HopeGuide07 Oct 185403/02
SmithD/o James17 Aug 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide25 Aug 187103/06
SmithD/o Seth S.07 Jan 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide09 Jan 188504/05
SmithD/o Seth S.11 Aug 1886Weekly Guide13 Aug 188604/06
SmithS/o CA08 Feb 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide16 Feb 189404/06
SmithD/o Seth S.21 Feb 1883Port HopeGuide23 Feb 188302/06
SmithS/o William08 Mar 1896John St., Port HopeWeekly Guide13 Mar 189604/05
SmithD/o James05 Apr 1859Port HopeWeekly Guide09 Apr 185907/05
SmithD/o JR12 Apr 1897ElizabethvilleWeekly Guide23 Apr 189705/06
SmithS/o Mark F.15 Apr 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide19 Apr 189504/03Residence: #5 Barrett's Terrace
SmithStillborn d/o Seth S.26 Mar 1871LindsayPort Hope Guide07 Apr 187103/04Wife died shortly after
SmithD/o James, MPP17 Sep 1852Port HopeGuide18 Sep 185203/02
SnelgroveD/o Capt. HJ19 Jul 1889Weekly Guide26 Jul 188904/06
StaceyD/o George04 Dec 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide05 Dec 189004/05
StevensD/o WJ26 Jun 1879Guide03 Jul 187902/06
StevensS/o John, Jr.21 Mar 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide24 Mar 187103/04
StevensSimionAug 1877Port HopeGuide30 Aug 187701/07News article about the first Port Hope birth. S/o James
StewartS/o George A.17 Jul 1857Port HopeWeekly Guide25 Jul 185703/03
StottS/o Robert06 Apr 1873Guide09 Apr 187302/06
StottD/o WF25 Dec 1899Prescott, Ont.Weekly Guide05 Jan 190004/04
StrathyS/o EW18 Sep 1898Port HopeWeekly Guide23 Sep 189808/03
StrathyS/o EW, Manager of Traders Bank03 Jul 1893OrilliaWeekly Guide13 Jul 189404/06
SwiftTwin s/o & d/o James17 Feb 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide20 Feb 188504/05
SymonsJohn14 Jun 1851Evening Guide18 Jun 192602/0375th birthday celebration at his Princess St. residence. Detailed article.
SymonsS/o Wilbert J.20 Dec 1898Rochester, NYWeekly Guide30 Dec 189804/02
TapeHM17 Sep 1847Weekly Guide24 Sep 189702/05Of Penarth, Eng. Visiting brother, James, of Port Hope.
TaylorTwin d/o SO20 Aug 1889Hope Twp.Weekly Guide23 Aug 188904/05At Marland Place, Hope Twp.
TaylorS/o Stephen O.21 Nov 1890Hope TspPort Hope Guide28 Nov 189007/04
ThompsonTwin s/o & d/o Thomas29 Jun 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide01 Jul 188704/05Residence: Protestant Hill
ThompsonD/o JL06 Mar 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide09 Mar 189404/06
ThompsonS/o JL20 May 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide24 May 189505/06
ThorntonS/o JF20 May 1898CantonWeekly Guide27 May 189804/05
TilleyS/o Thomas J., Dorset Street24 Apr 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide30 Apr 189704/06
TrawinSarah Ann18 Nov 1842Port HopeEvening Guide 19 Nov 192601/0585nd birthday. Born London, Eng.; married Henry Trawin 1873; arrived PH 05 Nov 1873. M/o 6, inc. William of Port Hope.
TrayesS/o JR10 Jan 1872Port HopeGuide12 Jan 187203/07
TrayesD/o JB28 Jan 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide03 Feb 187103/06
TrayesD/o JB25 Feb 1876Port HopeGuide08 Mar 187602/05
TruscottD/o George, Merchant08 May 1853Port HopeGuide14 May 185303/01
TurnbullS/o JC24 Aug 1878Port HopeGuide12 Sep 187802/06
TyreS/o Mrs. Tyre25 Aug 1853Port HopeGuide27 Aug 185302/07
WadeS/o Henry19 Aug 1875Guide21 Aug 187502/06
WadeS/o Henry of "Chesnut Lawn"01 Sep 1879Port HopeGuide05 Sep 187902/05
WadeD/o Henry10 Jul 1872Guide17 Jul 187202/04
WalkerD/o WH08 Nov 1898CantonWeekly Guide18 Nov 189804/05
WalkerD/o Hugh A.26 Nov 1889Hope Twp.Weekly Guide29 Nov 188904/04Res: Acacia Lodge
WalkerD/o WH08 Apr 1895CantonWeekly Guide19 Apr 189504/03
WalkerS/o JH18 Aug 1887Port HopeWeekly Guide26 Aug 188704/05
WalkerS/o James G.11 Oct 1890Hope Tsp.Port Hope Guide17 Oct 189004/05at residence "Homewood"
WalkerD/o James G.14 Feb 1889Holmwood, Hope Twp.Weekly Guide22 Feb 188904/05
WalkerS/o HA13 Nov 1887WelcomeEvening Guide 18 Nov 188704/04
WalkerD/o JH23 Jul 1892Port HopeWeekly Guide29 Jul 189204/04Res.: Bloomsgrove Ave.
WallaceJohn W.31 Jan 1830Evening Guide 31 Jan 191004/01Celebrating 80th birthday
WallaceD/o Robert02 Oct 1859Weekly Guide08 Oct 185905/01
WallerS/o Mrs. Waller06 Dec 1847Port HopeCommercial Advertiser25 Dec 184703/02
WalshS/o James E.09 Aug 1853Port HopeGuide13 Aug 185302/07
WalshS/o James07 Mar 1855Guide10 Mar 185503/03
WalshS/o James E.13 May 1860Weekly Guide26 May 186005/02
WalterS/o John11 Apr 1857Weekly Guide02 May 185703/01
WaltersS/o John30 Aug 1858Port HopeWeekly Guide04 Sep 185803/01
WardD/o HA15 Jul 1899Weekly Guide21 Jul 189906/03
WardD/o HA20 Oct 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide29 Oct 189705/06
WardD/o George C.21 Dec 1847Rose HillCommercial Advertiser25 Dec 184703/02
WatsonS/o T. George, druggist11 Apr 1893Weekly Guide14 Apr 189308/04
WatsonS/o T. George, druggist27 Dec 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide31 Dec 189705/02
WatsonS/o T. George, druggist03 Oct 1891Weekly Guide09 Oct 189104/04
WebsterS/o WJ of Kingston, Ontario28 May 1882Port HopeGuide02 Jun 188202/08
WelchD/o George27 Jul 1899Bloomsgrove Ave, PHWeekly Guide04 Aug 189904/05
WetmoreD/o William09 Oct 1875Port HopeGuide16 Oct 187502/06
WhiteElva01 Jun 1896ElizabethvilleEvening Guide06 Jun 1986?90th birthday, with photo of 4 generations. Married Wilmot Prouse 1925:Elizabethville
WhiteS/o Henry07 Aug 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide15 Aug 189004/04
WhiteS/o JE22 Sep 1899ElizabethvilleWeekly Guide29 Sep 189910/02
WhiteheadS/o Fred29 Jun 1877Port HopeGuide05 Jul 187702/05Secretary & Treasurer of the Midland Railway
WickettD/o J.26 May 1880Port HopeGuide04 Jun 188002/07
WilliamsS/o Silas, Merchant11 Jul 1878Port HopeGuide18 Jul 187803/06
WilliamsD/o CHA28 Feb 1871Port HopePort Hope Guide03 Mar 187103/04
WilliamsD/o Arthur TH, MPP22 Feb 1874Port HopeGuide28 Feb 187402/04
WilliamsGeorge24 Mar 1829Evening Guide 24 Mar 191104/02Celebrating 82nd birthday
WilliamsD/o S30 May 1880Port HopeGuide04 Jun 188002/07
WilliamsProf. James20 Jan 1828Evening Guide 22 Jan 191004/01Celebrating 82th birthday
WilliamsS/o Walter12 Aug 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide18 Aug 189304/04
WilliamsJG26 Apr 1818Weekly Guide04 May 190601/03News item. Celebrating 88th birthday, PH res. for 48 yrs. Res. Bedford St.
WilliamsJames20 Jan 1831Barnstaple, Devon, Eng.Weekly Guide22 Jan 189708/0369th birthday. Barber. To PH from Bowmanville 16 Apr 1862.
WilliamsonS/o RB15 Dec 1885Port HopeWeekly Guide18 Dec 188504/04
WilliamsonMrs. WW06 Nov 1842Evening Guide 07 Nov 192304/03Of Mill Street, Port Hope. Announcing her 81st birthday.
WilmottD/o Charles07 Apr 1894Port HopeWeekly Guide13 Apr 189404/06
WilsonS/o LH01 May 1890Port HopePort Hope Guide09 May 189004/04
WilsonD/o George H.14 Aug 1888TorontoWeekly Guide17 Aug 188804/06
WilsonD/o Montford13 Jun 1899PerrytownWeekly Guide16 Jun 189908/03
WilsonS/o FW17 Jun 1897Port HopeWeekly Guide18 Jun 189705/06
WilsonD/o LH Wilson13 Apr 1896Port HopeWeekly Guide17 Apr 189604/05
WilsonS/o George H.02 Aug 1887TorontoWeekly Guide05 Aug 188704/05
WilsonGeorge 18 Apr 1825Yorkshire, EnglandEvening Guide 18 Apr 192501/05J.P. "100 years ago": detailed article with photo. 4 sons, 3 dau.
WoodWH, Sr.22 Jun 1823Evening Guide 24 Jun 191104/02Celebrating 88th birthday
WoodD/o Sylvester H.20 Dec 1884Port HopeWeekly Guide09 Jan 188504/05
WoodD/o Malcolm15 Nov 1893Port HopeWeekly Guide17 Nov 189304/05
WoodhouseS/o Arthur27 Sep 1895Port HopeWeekly Guide04 Oct 189504/05Residence: "Heath Bank", Hope St.
WoodhouseS/o JH25 Dec 1896Weekly Guide01 Jan 189704/01
WrightS/o George12 Jun 1876Port HopeGuide22 Jun 187602/05
YeoS/o William04 Aug 1872Guide07 Aug 187203/05

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario