IOOF Decoration Day

From the 28 Aug 1918 Evening Guide


An Impressive Ceremony is Carried Out For The 40th Time by Durham Lodge No. 78 I.O.O.F.Days of 1865 Are Recalled at Fenian Raid Veterans' Banquet

IOOF symbol

Ever since the year 1878 the Oddfellows of Port Hope have set apart one day in the year to lay floral offerings on the graves of their departed brethren in loving memory of their many virtues. Sunday last a large number of three linkers turned out to again participate in this beautiful custom, and sixty-four graves were lovingly decorated.

The brethren left the lodge room shortly after three o'clock, and marshaled by Bro. Wm. Trenouth, marched to the cemetery, where the usual service of song with prayer by Rev. J.A. Elliott, Vicar of St. John's and a very practical and appropriate address by Dr. Shorey, of the Methodist Church, was carried out.

The following were the graves decorated with floral three links and bouquets, each grave being marked with a white flag bearing the initials "I.O.O.F."

Bro. W. Bryant28 Mar 1895Bro. Joseph C. Ham13 Jun 1916Bro. Henry B. Sanders16 Jun 1917
Bro. Capt. Geo. Robertson01 Jan 1911Bro. Harold McElroy08 Aug 1918Bro. A.W. Pringle28 Mar 1904
Bro. M. Wilcock19 Mar 1902Bro. Joseph Hewson29 Oct 1902Bro. Wm. C. Glass17 Jun 1915
Bro. A.A. Stevenson20 Apr 1907Bro. Thos. Hayden06 Mar 1885Bro. Thos. Tuer, P.G.05 Nov 1912
Bro. Geo. Reading, P.G.26 Dec 1902Bro. Thos. Hayden, Sr.22 Jul 1908Bro. Thomas Crossen19 Mar 1918
Bro. Geo. Sanders12 Jan 1877Bro. Curtis Dean03 Feb 1890Bro. J.B. Trayes, P.G.14 Oct 1892
Bro. Thos. Sanders20 Jul 1884Bro. A.J. Throop, P.G.27 Mar 1907Bro. John Hagerman 08 Sep 1901
Bro. John Mimms12 Oct 1875Bro. Coleman Curtis17 Feb 1911Bro. Geo. Chrysler25 Oct 1878
Bro. W. Roche12 Dec 1877Bro. W. Douglas12 Mar 1902Bro. Jas. Williams19 Jan 1911
Bro. A. Tate21 Apr 1902Bro. John Holmes31 Oct 1896Bro. E.G. Chant, P.G.28 Feb 1894
Bro. Chas. A. Colman02 Dec 1902Bro. A. Clegg24 Aug 1893Bro. Jacob Hoffman, P.G.14 May 1902
Bro. J. Hawken24 Feb 1884Bro. J.N. Brown23 Mar 1909Bro. Geo. T. Strong28 May 1898
Bro. W. Rundle Bro. Chas. Whittleton31 Dec 1904Bro. James Hunter12 Mar 1910
Bro. W.H. Bradburn07 Apr 1915Bro. J. McGibney01 May 1878Bro. John Rundle17 Sep 1888
Bro. Hermisdas Dore14 Apr 1917Bro. James McNabb20 Jun 1915Bro. Philip J. Burt12 Jan 1904
Bro. W.L. Glidden27 Dec 1907Bro. Thos. Earl09 Dec 1902Bro. A.A. Adams18 May 1909
Bro. P. Milligan27 Jan 1882Bro. W.H. Kells, P.G.01 Aug 1877Bro. G.W. Lambert, P.G.27 May 1880
Bro. Edward J. Hamly02 Aug 1907Bro. J. Warmington27 Mar 1886Bro. S. Adams (Welcome)14 Mar 1897
Bro. W. Trick14 Feb 1899Bro. Harold Corbett31 Jul 1916Bro. Wm. T. Brown (Welcome)14 May 1914
Bro. W. Morris25 Oct 1899Bro. Dr. Wade08 Feb 1879Bro. Harry Neville (Welcome)31 Aug 1917
Bro. Jas. Campbell13 Aug 1883Bro. W.H. Brownscombe18 Jul 1916  
Bro. J.H. Cox15 Mar 1878Bro. Jas. Scrimger28 Oct 1892  

On re-assembling, "Abide with me" was sung and Rev. Dr. Shorey led in prayer and pronounced the benediction.

Returning to the lodge room, votes of thanks were passed to Revs Dr. Shorey and Elliott, Mrs. Fred Oke, who presided at the organ, the ladies who assisted in the singing and all visiting brethren.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario