IOOF Decoration Day

From the 11 Aug 1939 Weekly Guide


Rev. J.W. Foote Addressed Assembled Brethren — Port Hope Citizens' Band Led Oddfellows and Orangemen in Parade

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W.T. Greenaway, a member of Durham Lodge for over forty-six years acted as chairman, and in his opening remarks said he felt honored and gratified to be requested to act in that capacity. He paid tribute to the Orange Order for their co-operation, and also to the visiting Oddfellows, Orangemen, the Port Hope Band, which was a great asset to Port Hope; who for so many years show by their presence that Decoration Day is something worth while. He said in looking over the list of names on the program, he was forcibly reminded of the great part they played in building up the great Order of Oddfellowship and feelingly referred to those who in the years gone by had established in Port Hope the beautiful custom of Remembrance Day--they had passed on but were not forgotten.

The service opened with the hymn--"Lead Kindly Light" and prayer by Rev. Mr. Loosemore.

Rev. Foote complimented the members of the lodges, not only for their graciousness in remembering the deceased brethren, but for consideration to the living, especially to their brethren in need or in sickness or to their families in times of bereavement. He stressed the fact that the obligations of both lodges placed heavy responsibility on all members, and the best tribute to the lodge was paid by members who remembered in their daily lives, the vows which they had taken.

He spoke of the yearly attendance of each lodge as a Protestant Church and said this service was of the greatest significance because it stood as a public acknowledgement that the lodge was not a subsitute for the church.

In speaking of our attitude towards death, Mr. Foote urged his hearers to build up during days of health and happiness, a philosophy which would enable them to meet bereavement with peace of mind and spirit. Taking his text from St. John's Gospel, Chapter 14 verse 19, he showed that belief in Christ was a guarantee of immortality, "Because I live, ye shall live also."

He pointed out that Christ seldom spoke of death, that he spoke of "being with the Father", that he, speaking of his own death said to his followeres "if ye loved me ye would rejoice because I go to the Father."

The Churches and the lodges stress both the importance of this implicit belief in God and the quality of life that is pleasing to God. For people who believe and who live out their beliefs, there is no death. "He that believeth in me hath already passed from death unto life," he quoted, urging his audience to live as members of a church and a lodge holding such comforting and inspiring faith.

Mr. W.T. Greenaway introduced Rev. Foote who expressed his appreciation in being associated in the service with one who had such a long and honorable career in the lodge and had such a fine influence in the community.

"No wonder the sentiments of friendship, love and truth be craved for on account of the long veil of tears before many," went on Mr. Cameron, "and the dark mist of disappointment before us."

The 61st anniversary of the founding of Decoration Day was attended by both Durham Lodge, also outside members and by many who drove to the Union Cemetery.

The Orangemen held a short service at their plot in the Union Cemetery, on which was placed a very beautiful wreath of flowers. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Mr. Loosemore, a member of the Orange Order at Bracebridge. The graves of Oddfellows buried in Welcome Cemetery were decorated on Sunday morning by a number of the members of Durham Lodge. Ganaraska Rebekah Lodge, No. 131, also lovingly placed floral tokens of remembrance on the graves of departed sisters.

The Port Hope Citizens' Band led the parade which assembled at the I.O.O.F. headquarters, Walton Street, to the Union Cemetery, and assisted at the service, after which members of the lodges returned downtown, headed by the band.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Loosemore, Bracebridge, who is at present in Port Hope and is associated with the Orange Lodge in Bracebridge.

After all the graves had been decorated the circle was reformed and "Nearer My God to Thee" was sung, then the Doxology and Benediction by Rev. Mr. Foote.

Both lodges are grateful for those who contributed flowers for the occasion and to those who made the day such a success.

The following graves were decorated with a silk flag bearing I.O.O.F. and a bouquet of flowers, each in a container symbolic of the order.

John Mimms12 Oct 1876W.H. Kells, PG01 Aug 1877W. Roche12 Dec 1877
J.H. Cox15 Mar 1878J. McGibney01 May 1878G. Chrysler25 Oct 1878
Dr. Wade08 Feb 1879G.W. Lambert27 May 1880J.H. Lyall12 Feb 1881
P. Milligan27 Jan 1882Jas. Campbell13 Aug 1883T. Hayden06 Mar 1885
J. Warmington27 Mar 1886J. Rundle17 Sep 1888C. Dean03 Feb 1890
J.B. Trayes14 Oct 1892J. Scrimger28 Oct 1892A. Clegg24 Aug 1893
E.G. Chant, PG23 Feb 1894J. Holmes31 Oct 1896G.T. Strong28 May 1898
W. Trick14 Feb 1899W. Morris25 Oct 1899John Hagerman08 Sep 1901
W. Douglas12 Mar 1902M. Wilcox19 Mar 1902A. Tate21 Apr 1902
J. Hoffman, PG14 May 1902J. Hewson29 Oct 1902G. Reading, PG26 Dec 1902
T. Earl09 Dec 1902C.C. Coleman02 Dec 1902P.J. Burt12 Jan 1904
A.W. Pringle28 Mar 1904C. Whittleton31 Dec 1904Ed. McElroy21 Jul 1905
A.J. Throop27 Mar 1907A.A. Stevenson20 Apr 1907E.J. Hamly02 Aug 1907
W.L. Glidden27 Dec 1907T. Hayden, Sr.22 Jul 1908J.N. Brown23 Mar 1909
A.A. Adams18 May 1909J. Hunter12 Mar 1910Capt. G. Robertson01 Jan 1911
J. Williams19 Jan 1911C. Curtis17 Feb 1911T. Tuer, PG05 Nov 1912
W.H. Bradburn07 Apr 1915Wm. Glass17 Jun 1915J. McNabb20 Jun 1915
W. Bullen12 Jan 1916J.C. Ham13 Jun 1916H. Corbett31 Jul 1916
W.H. Brownscombe18 Jul 1916Hermisdas Dore14 Apr 1917H.B. Sanders16 Jun 1917
W. Rundle16 Oct 1917T. Crossen19 Mar 1918H. McElroy08 Aug 1918
John Holden09 Aug 1918David Bell17 Aug 1918L.W. Greenaway22 Oct 1918
W. Thorndyke02 May 1919W.R. Boundy04 Aug 1919Thos. Walton21 Oct 1919
C.E. Hardy06 Sep 1919Jas. Britton04 Dec 1919Wm. Pym27 Mar 1920
J.L. Thompson30 Mar 1920E.F. Haskill16 Dec 1920John Trick, PG14 Jan 1921
H. White, PGM30 Sep 1921J.H. Magill19 Jun 1922John McMullen18 Nov 1922
Geo. Bennett19 Nov 1922Fred Currelly19 Dec 1922E.T. Hamly18 Jan 1923
Wm. Pomfret01 Mar 1923J.H. Phillips31 Oct 1923W.J. Colwill27 Dec 1923
S. Lockington30 Jan 1924Jas. W. Bevan03 Feb 1924T.O. Monaghan07 Apr 1924
S. Down06 Jun 1924B.F. Peters16 Jul 1924H.C. Bundrett14 Nov 1924
W.G. Brown08 Mar 1925W.R. Trenouth19 Apr 1926H. Hales07 Aug 1926
Jas. A. Stinson07 Nov 1926Geo. Archer26 Nov 1926Wm. Goheen06 Jul 1927
Carl S. Hamly24 Sep 1927Thos. H. Bell23 Feb 1928Hugh Walker08 Nov 1928
Chas. White18 Nov 1928A.H.C. Long17 Jun 1929E.B. Freeman26 Dec 1930
J.W. Sanders27 Jun 1930S.E. Philp23 Nov 1932Wm. Yeo03 Mar 1933
M. Fox07 Mar 1934W.A. Russell23 May 1934Wm. Austin09 Oct 1934
Geo. V. Strong19 Oct 1934E. Wainman07 Sep 1935Robert Brown28 Jun 1936
A.H. Randall30 May 1936Wm. Winters07 Mar 1937Geo. T. Hancock09 Jun 1938
R.M. Lethbridge16 Mar 1938Robt. Winters23 Mar 1939
Buried at Welcome Cemetery
S. Adams21 Mar 1897W.T. Brown14 May 1914H. Neville31 Aug 1917
Walter Ham22 Oct 1918H. Hansman15 Nov 1918Jas. Ham14 Feb 1920
H.A. Walker14 Apr 1920Wm. Rowden06 Nov 1921C. Carscadden10 Jul 1922
B.L. Pillsworth15 Dec 1923F.T. Pedlar24 Jul 1925Byron Preston11 Jan 1928
Archie Tait23 Dec 1928

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