Alexander Currie

Robert Currie, President and Commander of the Clan, writes

The Clan Currie, anciently Clan MacMhuirrich, have a long and honorable history. They are one of the earliest constituted Clans of the Scottish Highlands. In his book Scottish Clans and Tartans, Scottish author and historian Ian Grimble writes, 'The Herbridean name of Currie is the corrupt English form of the MacMureach, one of the most ancient and distinguished names in Scotland's history.'"

The first appearance of the Curries in Seymour Township is on the 1833 census return, where Hector and John are residing on lot 13, concession 9, where they remain through 1848. They are joined by Findlay (Hector's son) in 1845. Alexander makes his first appearance in 1848, with a family of ten and is listed again in the 1850 returns.

The question: how are Hector, John and Alexander related? Are the three brothers? Or is Alexander's wife, Mary, also seemingly a Currie, the sister of the two?

In the 1851 census

Elizabeth Currie And Elizabeth, reported in the 1901 census as emigrating in 1842? There is no sign of her in the 1851 Seymour Township returns, although her obituary puts her in the township at that point.

Charles Nicholas and Elizabeth Currie, according to an entry in Rev. Robt. Neill's marriage register (1840-1878), were married on 22 Jun 1852 (Francis Bell and Catherine Currie, witnesses) in Seymour Township, Ontario. Their first child, Mary, was born in Canada in 1854.

No evidence of Alexander's birth has been uncovered to date. From the census returns, we believe he died in 1850-1851.
By the 1871 census, Mary had died (Aug 1870 at the age of 80 and buried in Burnbrae Cemetery with son, John), a member of the Presbyterian Kirk:

Curry, Hector (71) married, farmer, b. Scotland
Curry, Barbara (35) married, b. Scotland (05 Jul 1832; emigrated 1850; widow)
Curry, Catherine (8) b. Ontario
Curry, Jane (6)
Curry, John (5)
Curry, Barbara (3)
Curry, Jemima (1)

In 1881, Barbara, a 40-year-old widow, was living with Catherine, Jane, John, Barbara and "Jemiah".

In 1901, Barbara was living with son, John (born Ontario 20 Jul 1867; single) and daughter, Jemima (born Ontario 24 Aug 1870; single).

In the 1967 Seymour Township booklet, A Century of Footprints, John Currie (a "grandson of Hector Currie"?) is listed as Reeve in 1916 and 1935. Hector, whom I suspect is Elizabeth's uncle, and of course, Elizabeth and Charles Nicholas, are listed as among the '...early settlers living on the 8th, 9th and 10th Concessions of Seymour West within a mile of the River Trent.' The earliest date the writers had was of Hector, who arrived in 1840 from Scotland (although the census returns prove this to be an error).

In the same book is a reference by Olive Frederick to Marcus Curle's grandfather, who, she pencilled in, married my grandmother's sister. This is believed to be Elizabeth's Currie's sister, Margaret, who married Hugh McArthur.

Direct descendants of Alexander Currie
Alexander Currie (c1785:Scotland-c1850:Seymour Township, Ontario)
+Mary Currie (c1791:Scotland-1870:Seymour Township)
...2 Mary Currie (1816-
...2 Margaret Currie (1818-1907)
...2 Katherine Currie (1821-
...2 Alexander Currie (1822-
...2 Isabella Currie (1824-
...2 Barbara Currie (1827-
...2 John Currie (1830:Scotland-1861:Seymour Township, Ontario)
...2 Elizabeth Currie (1833:Scotland-1912:Seymour Township)
.... +Charles Nicholas (1827-1910)
........3 Isabella Victoria Nicholas (1861-1932)
......... +John Wesley Frederick (1856-1943)
.............4 Olive Florence Frederick (1884-1975)
.............. +Alfred Burney Skitch (1881-1927)
..................5 Margaret Vera Skitch (1915-1967)
................... +Arthur Edward Bolton (1914-1964)
.......................6 Peter John Bolton
........................ +Barbara Elizabeth Jean Kyle

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario