Port Hope Light Infantry Volunteer Company

Roll of the Company on Fenian service from 15 November 1865—05 April 1866, dated 01 May 1866, as reported in the 04 September 1896 Port Hope Weekly Guide.

MajorWilliams, Arthur T.H.
Capt.McLeod, James F.
Lieut.Johnson, F.G.
EnsignHayward, G.
Co. Sergt.Bullied, William
Garnett, George R.
Gymer, George
Marshall, Simon
O.R.C.Ward, Thomas W.
Corpl.Britton, James
Maitland, Alexander
Morphet, S.
Spooner, Ira D.
Lance Corpl.Hughes, George
McElroy, Mark
Pike, George
Pillsworth, Daniel
Rundle, William
Smith, John R.
BuglerCochrane, James
Skitch, Henry
PrivateArcher, John
Armstrong, Edward
PrivateBarkwell, William
Bell, Robert
Black, Thomas
Boyd, Patterson
Brice, William
Britton, John
Brockenshire, George
Brockenshire, John
Brydges, Thomas
Buckett, Samuel
Bullied, John
Burden, John
Burnet, James
Cawtharne, George
Cochrane, Robert
Cornet, John
Day, John E.
Derry, William
Fogarty, Charles
Forsythe, Graham
Fulcher, William
Gordon, Thomas
Halliday, Thomas
PrivateHannah, George
Heard, William
Honor, Edward
Jex, William
Maffat, J.
Maguire, Albert
Martin, John
Martin, W.H.
Martyn, George
McGimsie, Robert
McMillan, Duncan
Morris, W.H.
Palmer, Joshua
Peacock, Joseph
Sainsbury, Albert
Smith, Arthur
Spry, Samuel
Stivens, John
Thompson, Robert
Varcoe, John
Vint, John
Wilson, James

Port Hope Weekly Guide, 04 Sep 1896

The following served and obtained their discharge from illness or otherwise

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario