Letters from the Front
World War I

While indexing the birth, marriage, and death items in the local newspaper microfilms for the war years (1914-1919), we compiled an index of the 132 published letters from the war front to family and friends. The information shown includes the newspaper issue, page, column number, and whether or not the person appears in the Book of Remembrance.

Those hyperlinked will take you to a photograph and/or biography of that soldier or Nursing Sister.

Surname Given name Issue Page/
Book of
AdamsonFred B.14 Feb 191801/02YesLetter to Fred from Brig.-Gen. Victor W. Salum awarding the Military Medal.
AshmanJohn Charles26 Jul 191501/03YesFrom King George's Hospital, London SE, dated 12 Jul. 1st canadian Contingent.
AustinNorman16 Nov 191801/06YesLetter to parents relating experiences in France.
BaxterHarry17 Nov 191702/01Yes
BennettReuben10 Oct 191601/03Yes
11 Jan 191701/05
BowmanMiss M.27 Aug 191501/04NoFormer nurse at PH Hospital. From Port Said, dated 03 Aug, to Miss EM Elliott, Hosp. Super..
BrethenMelville19 Sep 191801/05NoTo his wife, Amy (Rowland), assuring her that the report of his death was wrong!
BridgesRoy23 Nov 191601/05Yes
CarmichaelGrant Thornton26 Apr 191601/05YesLetter to Mrs. GT Carmichael regarding the death of her husband in action.
ChesherErnest16 Feb 191701/03Yes
12 May 191701/06
15 May 191701/04
01 Sep 191701/04
14 Nov 191801/04To father describing his work as a Gas Instructor.
28 Dec 191801/02To father, AJ Chesher, from Bramshott, England.
ClarkCharles01 Aug 191701/05YesReport of death to Donald Currie, South St., from Capt. JW Wayman (Chaplain 87th Bttn.).
ClarkeG. Arthur06 Mar 191701/04Yes
20 May 191801/06To his father, George, Sherbourne Street, describing a "Port Hope get together" in Surrey, Eng.
09 Dec 191801/05To father, George, describing London's war-end celebrations.
CouplandMilford27 Sep 191801/05NoTo his mother, Mrs. SA Coupland, telling her of his injuries.
CraigTed04 May 191601/05Yes
12 Jan 191701/03
CurrieCR01 Aug 191701/05YesReport of death to Donald Currie, South St., from Capt. JW Wayman (Chaplain 87th Bttn.).
DouglasFred15 Feb 191601/06YesFrom England, to the Girls' Bible Class, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Port Hope.
EdmundsGeorge22 Jun 191701/04Yes
12 Oct 191701/06
EdwardsGilbert25 Sep 191702/06Yes
EmersonLorne04 Oct 191601/04Yes
FogartyHarold12 Jul 191601/06Yes
09 May 191702/01Cont'd 10 May: 2/1.
07 Dec 191702/03
13 May 191801/05Extracts of a letter written in a Rouen hospital to his parents, detailing his wounding.
FogartyW.17 Oct 191701/03Yes
FrenetteE.01 May 191801/03NoFrom a POW camp in Germany to Mrs. JT George of the IODE.
GarbuttHarold15 Aug 191601/04Yes
17 Feb 191703/06
22 Mar 191701/03Report of death.
GilesJohn20 Dec 191601/03Yes
GouldGeorge14 Nov 191601/05Yes
10 Mar 191701/05
GreenJames27 Sep 191701/06YesReport of death.
HallidayJames TW11 Oct 191601/05YesReport of death by Frank J. Whiting. Listed in the "Guide" as John.
HarcourtJV30 Jan 191904/02Yes
HarcourtRobert22 Aug 191401/03YesFrom Robert of Cobourg Garrison Battery to his father, J.V.Harcourt, informing of arrival in Vancouver.
HarveyThomas12 Jan 191701/03Yes
HarwoodJV21 Mar 191601/05NoTo the Guide from France.
HaultainRobin04 Dec 191401/03YesOf the 2nd King Edward Horse, from Hounslow Cavalry Barracks, Middlesex, England.
HaydenSherwood07 Nov 191601/03Yes
01 May 191701/06
22 Nov 191701/03
HemmickRev. Father WA20 May 191804/02NoExtracts from a letter written to his father, Roland Hemmick of Idalia, Port Hope.
HillsAlex.09 May 191601/03Yes
HoldenJohn04 May 191601/05Yes
10 Apr 191801/06Short, friendly note to JR Smith.
HoneyRoy24 Oct 191601/05Yes
19 Jan 191701/06
20 Jan 191703/06
17 Mar 191703/02
HopkinsFred19 Nov 191401/06YesLetter from the Salisbury Plains.
HusseyJames03 Jan 191701/05Yes
IrwinDelbert18 Jan 191903/03YesTo mother, Mrs. Catharine Irwin, Lindsay, Ontario.
IrwinEdgar Edward13 Dec 191701/04Yes
JoyceNorris01 Nov 191601/04YesLetter to his mother. Listed in the "Guide" as Norman.
JoyceWilbert26 Aug 191501/04YesTo Harold Clarke, dated 10 Au. 39th Batt., Lydd, England.
13 Jun 191601/04Yes
LeutyJG13 Feb 191701/04Yes
17 May 191701/05
23 May 191701/03
LightleWilliam28 Dec 191601/03Yes
30 Apr 191701/03Report of death.
MacNaughtonMary16 Aug 191501/04YesFrom Queen's Base Hospital, 29 Jul, to "Dear Friends".
11 Sep 191501/05From Alexandria, Egypt, dated 11 Aug.
MaplesRichard09 Jun 191601/03Yes
McIntoshGO11 Oct 191701/05Yes
McMahonNorman23 Jun 191701/03Yes
10 Dec 191801/06To father, Alderman TJ McMahon, informing of Norman's death of Spanish influenza on 15 Nov.
McQuadeEdward Patrick23 Dec 191602/01YesAs a POW in Germany, to his mother
MicksRobert12 Mar 191801/03YesLetter to Mrs. Fair, sis/o Robert Micks, reporting him MIA and presumed killed.
21 May 191801/06Letter to father, Alonzo Micks of Ottawa, reporting presumed dead after 31 Oct 1917 wounding.
MillwardFred L.09 Jun 191601/04Yes
09 Sep 191601/03
18 Jan 191701/03
MilneEdward C.22 May 191701/05YesLetter of condolence.
05 Feb 191801/03Letter to father, James Milne, Walton St., informing him of son's death in France - KIA.
MitchellGordon28 Nov 191601/04NoTo his mother, Mrs. Wm. Mitchell, King St., of his travels in Russia.
23 Nov 191701/06A detailed letter to his mother from Vladivostock. Cont'd 24 Nov: 2/1.
MonkGeorge10 Jul 191501/04NoTo mother on Strachan Street. 1st Co., 2nd Battalion.
OgdenHarold12 Jun 191801/06YesServing with the US army "somewhere in France". Short note to Mrs. D. Ogden, John St.
29 Jan 191902/05To mother, Mrs. I. Ogden, John St.
OughCharles09 Nov 191601/05Yes
OutramAllan17 Sep 191704/02Yes
18 Dec 191801/06To mother, from Russia.
05 Apr 191901/04Sent by Allan Outram to his mother, Mrs. G. A. Outram, dated Feb. 06, 1919, from Russia.
PomeroyArthur23 Dec 191601/07Yes
02 Feb 191701/05
19 Feb 191701/05
24 Mar 191701/03
PomeroyWH13 Nov 191601/03Yes
PorteousHR13 Jun 191701/03Yes
15 Aug 191704/01
PowersAllan A.18 Jan 191701/03Yes
RalstonGeorge H.14 Nov 191501/04YesFrom the SS Grampian (Allan Line) to Salisbury Plains.
21 Nov 191401/05
16 Jan 191501/03From the Salisbury Plains to his wife.
ReynoldsArthur26 Nov 191401/05YesInteresting letter, dated 10 Nov., from the Salisbury Plain to his brother, Henry.
30 Nov 191401/05To his sister, Mrs. FG Bouskill.
08 May 191601/03
29 May 191701/03
RoachHilton02 Jun 191601/05Yes
21 Jun 191601/05
05 Feb 191901/03To sister, Lenore. Son of P. Roach, Port Hope.
RosserSidney05 Jul 191601/06Yes
RussellJE31 May 191601/06Yes
SmithAlbert13 Dec 191604/02YesTo his sister, Pearl, Cranberry Road.
SmithHarvey23 Mar 191801/06YesLengthy letter to friend, Roy Adamson. S/o Joseph Smith, Durham Street.
14 Sep 191804/02Lengthy "newsy" letter to Roy Adamson from Camp Witley, England.
SmithRobert11 Jun 191801/06YesLengthy letter to parents, Mrs. & Mrs. J. Smith, Smith St., Port Hope, describing army life.
SniderCairns04 Aug 1915YesTo mother, Mrs. EE Snider. Caesar's Camp north, Shorncliffe, dated 18 Jul.
SniderEE12 Jan 191701/04YesLetter of appreciation from Mildred Massie.
StaplesStan05 Dec 191701/04Yes
SutherlandDonald09 Jan 191701/05Yes
TrenouthJohn10 Apr 191804/02YesLengthy description of trip overseas.
TrumperWilliam E.16 May 191601/05Yes
UglowW.19 May 191701/05Yes
WaiteCB05 Apr 191701/05YesLetter of appreciation from Alfred W. Gunton.
WalshThomas Morrow13 Nov 191601/05YesLetter to father, Alexander, from Claude H. Hill, re MIA.
WattsAlf06 Nov 191401/03YesFrom Bustard Camp, Eng. to AE Pipher, Standard Ideal Co. Ltd., Port Hope.
10 Nov 191401/05
23 Jul 191502/02From the trenches to his wife.
23 Aug 191501/04From the trenches to his friend, John Hyne, dated 01 Aug, France.
WhiteBenjamin13 Nov 191801/04YesLetter to mother, Hope Twp., from Nursing Sister in France describing his injuries.
WhiteCharles H.23 Nov 191601/03YesLetter to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry White, King Street.
WilsonLionel Benjamin25 Nov 191801/04YesTelegram to father, Leo, informing him of his death at sea.

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