A Royal Cut-Up

The following is a transcription of the original programme, in the Port Hope Archives' collection, of the 1930 amateur drama production.

St. John's Church Anglican Young People's
Association, Port Hope, Ont.
A Romance in Hawaii
A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Wednesday and Thursday, February 12th-13th
Director: MR. E.J. Wormington
Accompanist: MISS Phyllis Farrar


The King's palace has been robbed of everything, and he is penniless. He strongly urges his daughter to marry Wallflower, who is very rich, but she refuses to do so. A party of High School students visit the valley of Hilo on a botanizing trip, two of whom meet the princess and her friend, Rose, and fall in love with them, everything ending happily for them. The villain's sins are discovered, and, in the words of Gilbert and Sullivan's immortal opera The Mikado, "His punishment fits the crime".


High School Students

Herbert Winfield, Jack Winfield, Eric Newman-Jones, Arthur Emmet, Jack Noble, Ronald Emmet, Harold Trawin

Captain of the Guard

Dan O'Connor


Arthur Van Hinsburg, Leslie Parody, Charles Wallace, Gordon Ballard, Lewis Van Hinsburg


Dorothy Fourt, Doris Hancock, Addie Kennedy, Elsie Ansell, Alice Milne, Madeline Bennett, Edith Ansell, Hazel Hills, Violet Van Hinsburg, Joyce Thomas, Genevieve Price, Edith Lawson, Arthur Emmet, Eric Newman-Jones, Jack Noble, Frank Stone, Stanley Wood, Ronald Emmet, Harry Gale, Victor Smith, Mervyn Lawson, Harold Trawin


Elsie Ansell, Madeline Bennett, Genevieve Price, Addie Kennedy, Edith Ansell

Electrician Eric Carr


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Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario