That's That

The following is a review of That's That, published in the 04 December 1929 Evening Guide, and reprinted in the "40 Years Ago" column of the 04 December 1969 issue.

That's That held up the fine record of high class entertainment which the John B. Rogers Company has attained in placing its productions before Port Hope audiences for the local chapter of the I.O.D.E.

St. Mark's Parish Hall was filled for the first performance and the audience was delighted with the matchless acting in this peppy musical comedy. From the leading lady to the bell-boy, they deserve the highest praise for the marvelous way they did their parts. Here we have a who's who in the production: Herbert Long, Margery Bennett, Gordon Garnett, Allaneen Shay, Jim Giffin, J. Thomas, Mrs. Gordon Scott, Mrs. Norman Johnson, Sydney Bennett, Fred Ough, H.M. Ryan, Marie Cancilla, Catherine Wickett, Aileen Hancock.

Various group personnel —
Betty Ryan, Mary Curtis, Margaret Eakins, Grace Davison, Georgia Lee, Marie Taylor, Dorothy Smith, Lola Darch, Kathleen Oke, Audrey McBride, Louise Brown, Malcolm Ferguson, Jack Noble, Philip Ryan, Lyall Carr, Bill Bunting, John Davison, Dorothy Peacock, Adeline Armstrong, Joyce Thomas, Alice Milne, Mary Sharpe, Ruth Hawkins, Aileen Mitchell, Dorothy Quantrill, Gwen Oke, Cecelia Bennett, Maizie Bye, Agnes Mann, Gwen Thomas, Edith Lawson, Margaret Skitch, Honor Gibson, Genevieve Price, Joan Hume, Helen Ward, Muriel Tickell, Inez Thompson, Helen Moore, Elizabeth Shay, Elspeth Chisholm, Muriel Mercer, Ruth Wickett, Evelyn Palmer, Mary Thompson, Muriel Fox, Anne Brown, Dorothy Dawson, Audrey Gallagher, Romaine Millward, Gertrude O'Neill, Edith Ansell, Elsie Ansell, Eleanor Armstrong, Gladys Smith, Bonnie Gilmore, Hazel Jacob, Roberta Low, Jean Brown, Betty Garnett, Elinor Kelly, Wilma Pillsworth, Betty Van Brocklin.

Ushers were Messrs. Ronald Emmet, Keith Long, Morgan Hawkins and Tom Murphy did valiant work in seating a large audience so quickly.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario