Tax assessment rolls and land registry instruments
Port Hope and Hope Township

Joseph Scriven's home

Tax assessment rolls provide a property's address, official property designation, and the year a dwelling is believed to have been constructed. With this information, you can research the history of a property at the Port Hope Archives, where the land registry books (Crown grants to 1955) and deeds (1867-1955) are housed. Any information later than 1955 can be found at the Land Registry Office at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Cobourg.

The information presented here is taken from the 2008 tax rolls for the Municipality of Port Hope.
Note No personal information is provided.

We have associations such as APOLROD (Association for the Preservation of Ontario Land Registry Office Documents) to thank for their advocacy to preserve land records. APOLROD was created to preserve the physical instruments from destruction at the beginning of this century.

As a result of their advocacy, the Port Hope Archives acquired five filing cabinets crammed with deeds, probates, and other documents relating to property in the Municipality for the years 1867-1955. Along with these 15,000+ documents ("instruments"), 23 abstract index books detailing every property transaction (1790s-1955) were copied for use with the instruments.

This spreadsheet lists all available transactions for this period: one sheet listing them in instrument number order; another alphabetical listing by Grantor; and a third by Grantee.

With the information from these two resources, you will be well on your way to getting information on your property's history over the years at the Archives.

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario