Birth, marriage, and death indices for Port Hope and Hope Township

Sarah Griffiths (d1832) In 2000, Chief Librarian Patricia Enright suggested that Barbara and I might index the birth, death, and marriage notices reported in the microfilmed Port Hope newspapers. With the help of Barbara Trumper and Shirley Horner, we completed all known issues to 1927. Not all entries were recorded - only those pertaining to Port Hope/Hope Township families.

In 2011, Walt Sammis of Florida located issues for 1928-1954, long believed to have been lost to fire and/or flood, which were acquired through the efforts of Sun Media's Darlene Robertson and microfilmed with the financial aid of Cameco Corporation. They were indexed over four months, with the added help of Bill Hubbs and Allan Mackenzie. As the transcriptions were done by six people, the amount of material varies. Where there are both weekly and daily issues, the former were indexed, as the material in the dailies was usually repeated in the weeklies.

Sadly, the Evening Guide ceased publication on 13 February 2009. It is our goal to index the remaining issues.

The Library staff has prepared a comprehensive finder's index to the complete collection.

1832-1899 (3,894 entries)

These entries generally contain a considerable amount of information, including cross-referencing with the local cemetery database, CemSearch, and

1900-1930 (8,701 birth, marriage, and death entries)
Note There are only a few issues for 1927.

1931-1982 (18,115 marriage and death entries)
Note The birth index (5,696) has been taken offline due to concerns about the potential for identity theft. Should you be interested in a search of those years, we'll be pleased to do so.
The existing sixteen issues for 1941 have been indexed, but not yet microfilmed. Missing are issues for Jul-Dec 1950 and May-August 1964. As many of the entries are for weekly issues, accurate dates were often difficult to ascertain (eg. "Married Tuesday last...").

1983-1994 (2,475 death entries)
Note We are recording only death entries from this point for privacy issues, and only those that indicate local people. The descendents, where listed, only include those in the area at the time. There may have been six offspring, but only the area one(s) will be shown.

A number of original issues (1877-1927: 18 entries) housed at the Port Hope Archives.

The following seven entries were transcribed in full from issues housed at the Port Hope Archives, which due to their fragility, are not accessible to the public.

Port Hope Watchman 11 July 1850 (3/1):

Port Hope Watchman 11 July 1851 (2/6):
Port Hope Times 06 Sep 1876 (5/4):

Peter and Barbara Bolton - Port Hope, Ontario